Drybar Pacific Centre - Happy Hour For Your Hair!

Vancouver winter weather got you down?  Feeling a bit blah and flat?  Tired of fighting with your hair vs. The Natural Elements?  Why don't you slip out of that pouring rain and into the Drybar in Nordstrom?

I can't think of a more cozy place to be on a grey, rainy afternoon than in a warm and sunny, yellow and white pint sized salon - nestled in the cosmetics section of Nordstrom.  Kind of like being inside a Mimosa but dryer (hence, Drybar).  Here, the "Happy Hour" is all about your hair.

"No cut, no color, just blowouts!" is the philosophy at Drybar.  To me, this is the perfect way to perk up your hair or just try something different.  It's a quick and easy stop on your way to an event, to meet friends or even a lunch time appointment before that big holiday office party.

When Nordstrom first opened here in Vancouver I received many freebies and samples, including having my hair flat ironed at a Drybar station, a few shampoo and conditioner samples and a couple of gift cards for the Drybar.  One card was for a scalp massage, the other was for a deep conditioning treatment.  I finally made an appointment not just to use these before they expired, but to really see what Drybar was all about. 

I had already checked Drybar out online and got a kick out of their whole look and vibe, including their menu of services.  Laid out like a bar menu, the various styles are named after popular alcoholic drinks such as the Manhattan, Cosmo or Mai Tai for example, and deliver the equivalent hairstyle.  For instance,  the Manhattan blowout which like the name implies, gives a sleek and smooth finish combined with flat ironing.  Another would be the Southern Comfort - big hair, lots of volume.  You get it.  Their products are also named appropriately and of course, everything is available for purchase - including the styling tools and other accessories.  In fact, just last month I purchased the Drybar shower cap - terry cloth lined, it keeps humidity away from your hair while showering on those non-shampoo days and really keeps a good blowout intact.

So, let me explain my gift cards.  The free scalp massage is referred to as a Floater on the menu and is a ten minute "Extra" which costs $15.  The other card for a deep conditioning treatment gave me two options which are also part of the Extra menu:  The Mudslide Reparative Mask (which is really beneficial to thick hair, or hair which has been damaged due to over processing for example) or the Bay Breeze Hydrating Shot.  Either one costs $25.

I opted for the Bay Breeze Hydrating Shot since my hair is in good condition and thick, but it's also fine.  This conditioner hydrates from within and won't weigh your hair down.

My stylist Meagan kept me informed on every hair product she was using as I enjoyed my shampoo, scalp massage and luxurious deep conditioner.  After liberally applying one of her favourites, the Mai Tai Sea Salt Spray, all over my towel dried hair Meagan explained that this product helps to maintain volume during the blow out and that it would last until the next day as well.  A lightweight product, the Mai Tai spray has a delicate fragrance which smells like summer (and totally reminds me of the perfume by Creed - Virgin Island Water).  As a protector and softener, Meagan also applied a combo of the Blonde Ale Brightening Cream and 100 Proof Oil on my hair ends.  In addition to being reparative, these product really help to bring out your natural shine.

After a final perusal of the Drybar menu we were ready to begin the blowout.  Meagan made a few suggestions and we decided on the Manhattan - given my outfit of the day and casual chic style, I didn't want anything "too done", but something that would emphasize my hair length, cut and face framing layers.

She began by rough drying my hair in sections with her hands, aiming the dryer especially at the bottom layers and the crown of my head which helped to build up body at the roots.  A full size round brush was then gently pulled through each section as she finishing the drying process - the secret to the perfectly straight blowout.   Enjoying my hot cup of Nordstrom fine brewed coffee, I relaxed in the warm atmosphere while watching a movie on the wall mounted TV.  In addition to having a scalp massage, there is something totally relaxing about having your hair brushed, dried or otherwise manipulated by someone else...forgetting the rain and the chill outside, I enjoyed the pampering.

After the blowout my hair had movement, softness and plenty of body and fullness.  Meagan flat ironed it for the final result - smooth and shiny with precise ends - straight up Manhattan.

...I continued Happy Hour upstairs at the very real Habitant Bar on the second floor of Nordstrom.  You'll want to show off your hair too.  Cheers!

My "Happy Hour for my hair" at Drybar was $50 plus tip and i received $40 worth of free services. 

DRYBAR PACIFIC CENTRE Inside NORDSTROM at 799 Robson St, Vancouvr, BC V7Y 1K8