Dream Gift

I dream about fashion designs.  A lot.  Designs mixed in with other dream crap, much like a Daliesque sequence in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  Call them "Stylish Thrillers".

Last night I had a dream which must have been influenced by a bunch of stuff on my mind including random images provoked by everything from daytime television, errands and appointments, fashion magazines, desires, fears, worries and concerns, deep-seated subliminal junk and all the other good stuff that bombards us daily.  But, mostly it was about a purse.

In my dream for some reason, I was staying at a house where the husband was a suspected serial killer.  Couldn’t be a nicer guy though.
(I blame the back-to-back daytime DATELINE shows as well as back-to-back murder mysteries on NETFLIX.  Also, he looked like the actor who played "Elliott Ness" in a TV show years back and who showed up in a cop show I was watching yesterday.)

The interior of the house featured lots of pale wood, wide shelves, split levels and other mid-century delights. (A recent trip to my dentist’s office where I commented on the interior of lots of grey wood paneling, perhaps?)
However, there were lots of flies and dirt and clutter in the corners - hallmarks of killers, I guess.

I was also hanging around this cool new restaurant where you had to line up to get in and there were lots of high backed booths with mirrors above and behind them.  My booth in the corner had a great shelf between the booth and the mirror which I crawled up on to snap a selfie in black and white.  It turned out really “Vogue”, much to my delight.  

There were also lots of lawyers who hung out there and many of the patrons were my friends.
(I don’t know why I was dreaming of lawyers.)

Later in the dream, I showed my selfie to a friend but when she looked at it the image had changed to me standing up instead of crouching and instead of artsy black and white, it was in colour.  Also, it looked like I was pole dancing.  A good picture but nothing like me.
(I’m stumped as to what this part of the dream means - other than I’ve been taking a lot of selfies lately to go with my hair articles, and that I have been taking them in the best lighting I can find - bathrooms in public places or stealth selfies in a friend’s bathroom - is this bad behaviour??)

So, a couple of these female lawyer friends and I were sitting around one of these tables at the cool restaurant having some sort of Cosmo-type drinks, when the server delivers two little purses - one for me and one for my friend.
(Now this part of the dream is murky.  I don’t remember who the other woman was who received the same style purse or why she got one too.)

The designer brands Prada and Chloe were in my mind - I knew that these purses were very expensive.

We looked around, much like one does when receiving a drink from a stranger.  I remember demurring that I couldn’t accept it but in my heart of dream hearts, I wanted it and planned on keeping it.  It was a designer bag and this was MY DREAM.

The purse was a little ladylike box-shaped top handle style, framed in raffia, with a fine grained calfskin body in a pale blush-ivory colour.  There was a button trim detail set in the front of the bag with gold and white enamel edges and the same calfskin leather, with two metal dots as decoration.  

I checked inside the bag because I suspected it to be couture and very pricey - or at least I was checking to make sure it wasn’t a fake.  The interior was also very fine and included a little pouch insert, either for valuables or it was the dust cover.  The bag had a removable leather shoulder strap with gold chain link detail, much like Chanel and other designers feature on their bags .
(I recently purchased a new bag but had been looking at smaller versions of cross-body designer purses with the same straps of leather and chain link.)

Inside I also found a hand stitched tag with the name of the mystery Gifter - it was like a business card.  To my relief, I realized that the person owned a high fashion company so right away I knew it was OK to keep the bag.
(Like, I guess he had tons so he could spare a couple of expensive purses…)

However, the person was also the suspected killer and I happened to be staying at his house.

I was still keeping the bag…

I woke up shortly afterward and my dream was still so vivid that I was compelled to get up and at the very least sketch the purse, which I did.  Then I decided to stay up and write it all down while it was fresh.

What does it all mean?  I have no idea.  But, as the rest of the dream fades, the image of that purse will be forever in my mind.