Not so Wordless Wednesday - The gift of books

My whole life, I have received books as Christmas and birthday gifts.  Since my birthday falls two days after Christmas, a book was a small and thoughtful token and one which I enjoyed leaving under the tree until I could tear it open on my special day.

Not much has changed although these days, my interest has been focused on coffee table art books.  I'm a person who actually reads these sometimes giant tomes.  So, as well as providing a decorative pile on any given end table, they are useful and informative and prove to be endlessly inspiring to me on many levels - especially when it comes to writing.

From the photo history of Diana Vreeland, to fashion through the centuries and numerous publications by Assouline Press on such topics as the style of Hitchcock, fabulous hotel rooms throughout the world, classic American style and other books featuring Paris street style, I am kept informed.  From books of London and Paris sketches by a world renown illustrator, Jason Brooks to glossy art books about some of my favourite museums filled with art I have actually studied and seen up close, I am kept filled to the brim with appreciation of travel, culture and beauty.

Books have always inspired me and are always very loved and displayed throughout my home.  I am never without one in hand, and I tend to re-read old favourites many times.

Here are a few of my recent acquisitions, including a biography on Coco Chanel from a good friend - awaiting that perfect rainy day and glass of wine.

What book are you reading now?