The Well-Heeled Resume

Well, here I am - in the throes of job hunting and browsing my way around various resume and cover letter templates.  Professional styles and trends in the CV world are fickle and one wrong choice of font or banner will render my work history clunky and passe...invisible and obsolete...DATED.  There are so many to choose from and It's not easy.  I need something that sparkles.

The other thing that's not easy is putting a name on what I am actually applying for.  Finding that perfect job fit in that perfect career sector is like finding the perfect shoes.  "You have to have room to grow!" as my mother would say.

What's easy is getting distracted by other online style (SHOE) sites at the same time.

Last year a job opportunity came up rather suddenly and although I was gainfully employed at the time, I was keeping an eye out for something that would catapult me out of a stagnant professional situation and into a more fulfilling and creative role where I could shine.

The job description seemed made for me - an opening as a copywriter for one of my favourite shoe stores!  I was encouraged to be creative in my application and with the help of a "friend in the know" who proof read and assisted, I sent it on its way. 

Fast forward - sadly, I didn't get the job.  The outcome though was that I had whittled my resume into a well tailored, one page work of art with a matching cover letter. 

I came across that job application email the other day when I was trying to glean what I could from past cover letters.  As I honed and rewrote, I was also considering the state of my "work wardrobe".  It also needs an overhaul.  Ever hopeful, I like to think positively and picture myself in the perfect interview outfit.  Where would I buy just the right clothes?  What would be the right shoe?  etc.

...and it got me thinking as I read my old cover letter,  What if we took a fanciful moment while we shop, to really think about our shoe desires and "interview" each pair for that perfect fit before we purchase?  It might go something like this:

Creative wordsmith has opening in a funky downtown closet for fun, creative shoes which fit with the quirky and cheeky voice of the writer.  Your day will include anything from completing my look of the day, accenting my perfect outfits, answering multiple inquiries such as “Wow! Where are you from?” “Are there any more like you?  I could use you on my team!”, to taking me to my day job and back (extra points if you can take me out after work and still feel great).  Fitting in with the rest of the team as well as being friends with what’s already in my closet would be an asset.

You’ll work with the rest of the team in my awesome wardrobe.  I’d love it if you have experience with office suits and attire and you should know your way around both pants and skirts.  Looking great with denim is also a bonus.  Most importantly, I’m looking for genuine soles who want to rise to new heights, make ME look great and be relevant for more than a season.

Whether you’re a pair of flats, heels, or ankle boots, dream of being a future vamp and treading new and exciting ground, or just think you are a cut above the other heels, I want you to show me what you’ve got.

Please email me a catalogue, your picture, and a couple of shoe style samples to my email address above.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

After my walk down memory lane, I got back to the business of cobbling my resume and crafting my cover letter with fresh inspiration.

After all, the resume and the cover letter are like a pair of shoes.  All they need is the occasional polish - and maybe a bit of sparkle - to make them shine.

Miu Miu shoe detail at Nordstrom - Proof that something that sparkles can also be sensible.    - Photo credit Heather Phillips

Miu Miu shoe detail at Nordstrom - Proof that something that sparkles can also be sensible.  - Photo credit Heather Phillips