The Lipstick Factor (Bare Necessities)

I'm sure you've heard this a million times by now but this season "it's all about the lips".  So, what kind of a beauty blogger would I be if I didn't give you lip service here?

Lipsticks in burgandy, deep plum, reds, so-dark-it-looks-black....they are everywhere you look and in various textures, from balms and stains to glosses, mattes and creams.  You can take your pick from which ever brand you favour.

However, at the other end of the spectrum is the nude lip.  You can have your statement coat but you also need a classic trench.  I think about the nude lipstick as the trench (although NEVER call it "trench mouth", that would be wrong and extremely unpleasant).

I love the nude colours of lipsticks out there - from shades of camel, browny-pinks, sand dune and even a terracotta brick-ish hue, there is one for you.  I recommend trying a few on before you purchase however, because if you are anything like me, colours might change once they make contact with your skin.  As much as I love a nude browny-pink, especially popular with fashion editorials lately, it will often quickly change to an unflattering muddy brown within moments of applying it.  Trust me on this, I have wowed more than one sales rep at a beauty counter with this party trick. 

Consider also the texture of the lipstick.  Although balmy creams are sheer and a great way to quickly touch up, the colour won't last as long as a matte or velvet cream formula which will at least leave a stain as they wear off (quickly revive your stain with a discreet application of lip balm - my go to is Rosebud Salve).

I have long been a fan of Tom Ford lipsticks.  The colours are true, long lasting and gorgeous, not to mention the names of the shades are titillating ("Abandon" "Chastity" and "Frolic" in your "Negligee", why don't you?). and although expensive, the tubes can last for a few years.  The packaging is sublime and in lieu of a mirror, you can always reapply using the lid as a handy mirror.  Very 1970s Helmet Newton/Regine's Disco.

After looking at the variety of shades in the Tom Ford impressive lineup, I decided on "Bare" Lip Colour Shine.  It seems like the perfect nude for me - sandy pink subtle shimmer with a hint of Biarritz golden sunshine.  Perfect for the reality of our North American cold weather, non?

Sheer genius in a sexy package.    Find your own shade   and slip into something more comfortable...

Sheer genius in a sexy package.  Find your own shade and slip into something more comfortable...

Although it tends to wear off faster than other textures, it is gorgeous and the perfect way to fake a plumper pout, especially when blended with my favourite pink lipstick.  A little layered with the darker shade, in the centre of the bottom lip and the cupid's bow, or just wear alone for the easy, breezy perfect companion to a smokey eye and tousled hair.  #BrigetteBardot

So, go ahead - just grin, and bare it!