Nordstrom Chanel Sublimage event

Change of season, change up your skin care routine!

Having recently purchased a few things for my fall beauty kit at Nordstom Vancouver, I received an invite to a special product awareness seminar which was hosted by Chanel.  Chanel has many lines of skin care, suitable for different skin concerns, including anti-aging.  Sublimage is one such line which, although pricey, is a product that I feel really delivers.

Having used the Sublimage eye cream for over five years now, along with various samples of other items in the line, I was eager to find out if there was anything new (and within my price range).

The seminar was hosted by Jason, of the Chanel counter and was very informative and fun.  Held in the VIP room on the second floor of Nordstrom, it was well appointed and seemed more like someone's swanky apartment than a part of a store.  Quiet, well lit and with a corner view of Robson Square, I settled in with my glass of champagne on a pleasing grey couch - complimentary notebook and sharp pencil in hand.

Taking us back to Coco Chanel's early years in an orphanage, which influenced everything in her collection - inspiration drawn from the staircases, to the chains weighing the nun's habit hems, to the architectural features - Jason gave us the Cole's Notes rundown on Chanel's contribution and impact in fashion as we know it.  With an overview of the timeline of the launches of her signature items - namely the iconic Chanel No. 5 perfume, the little black dress and the signature pink tweed Chanel suit not to mention the quilted black chain bag - we were reminded of how much we take for granted in our fashion habits.  From self tanning, the mindset of ease and comfort, jersey, costume jewelry for everyone regardless of class structures, and the way we take care of our mind, body and grooming in a well balanced manner, we arrived at the time line of Sublimage skin care.

Currently, I use SKII products along with various Chanel products and am always interested in what can work with what.  I especially appreciated that Jason often mentioned that certain Chanel products worked well with other ones you might be using at the time.  So many sales reps want to discourage you from mixing lines, or they resort to subtly putting down what you are currently using and what you know works for you.  That does NOT make me want to purchase anything.

Along with the power point and video of Sublimage, we were treated to tests on our hands of the various products complete with explanation of the many features and benefits of each.  Now that, I love.  I swear my right hand looked twenty years younger by the end of the evening.

One of the products which was showcased last was the newest - Sublimage L'Extrait Intensive Recovery Treatment.  Precisely measured to just over 200 applications, this is a product you will not need every day but is most beneficial to tired or stressed skin.  I would use it perhaps once a week and using at night will allow for optimum benefits and the skin recharges in what is hopefully, a nice eight hour beauty sleep.  Priced at over $600, I am more inclined to lock it away and have it insured.  However, I received a generous sample later that evening and I will judge over the course of a few weeks, how it works for me.

My purchase after the event was actually from the Chanel Hydra Beauty line.  The Essence Mist which I have used twice before - an instant hydration concentratefor the face in the form of an aerosol spray mist.  Delicate and refreshing, it can be used as a light toner, and of course, as a radiance boost throughout the day, and it won't ruin your makeup - just refresh it.   I must say, it is one of my favourite products lately.  I have also used a similar version by Sisley (purchased last fall in one of the charming pharmacies in Paris) and of course, I am never without an Evian spray in my purse.  I'm always trying these out on my friends.  Seriously, I can't figure out why more people do not use these items - they should be mandatory for every beauty kit!

I also purchased one of the newest Chanel nail colours, Secret, which is a lovely opaque nude.  It's lovely alone (think:  Catherine Deneuve in "Belle De Jour") but try using it as a base with a sheer tone on top. - such as Chanel's iridescent Atmosphere or something similar since colours will often come and go and tend to be limited editions.

Yes, fall is upon us and with it comes a new type of skin care.  Layer up your face cream routine with the luxury, softness and "booster shot" protection of Chanel Sublimage - think of it as cashmere for your skin.