Meow Mix - Fantasy Dinner Party Guest List

Fall is upon us and with fall, things get a little cozier - in more ways than one.  As well as changes to our wardrobe, we experience changes in our diet (or lack thereof) and want to beef up our intake by cooking more heartily.  But, where is the fun in cooking these bigger meals unless you have some company?

From time to time I think about people I would like to meet and hang out with.  This is an always changing guest list and I have different ones for different occasions.  Sometimes, different locations are involved which are usually sparked by inspiring pages from Architectural Digest, Vogue, etc.

Obviously, I do a lot of sitting and a lot of pondering.

As with a great meal which has many complex and unexpected flavours and nuances besides the basic salt and pepper additions, a great mix of people bring different things to the table.  Wit, intelligence, humour, stories galore and a bit of gossip and intrigue help to break the ice and fill in the gaps between courses.  Being rather gorgeous also helps.

Here then, is the inaugural Fantasy Dinner Party Guest List post for Gift of the Fab - where anything can happen, young and old can meet in harmony, eating is an afterthought, and everyone looks FABulous.

Can't we all just get along?  Mind your manners!   Illustration by Heather Phillips

Can't we all just get along?  Mind your manners!

Illustration by Heather Phillips

Now, who was it who said, "If you don't have anything nice to say about anyone...come sit by me." ?

Winston Churchill - someone has to eat all that wild boar and keep the ladies in check.  Rapier wit and acerbic taste ingredient: check.

Coco Chanel - someone has to look classic, chic, enviable, and fascinatingly foreign.  Paris style quotient:  check.

Jennifer Aniston - I like her.  She seems fun and I like her hair.  So do you, admit it.  People Magazine gossip quotient:  check.

Donna Karan - I love her style and I want to hear about how she got started in the fashion business.  Besides, she seems the type who would bring a hostess gift in the form of a draped silk dress.  Classic style and everywoman quotient:  check.

Bradley Cooper - everyone seems to like him including guys.  He has a nice smile and would give us someone other than Winston to stare at.  Handsome quotient:  check.

Miley Cyrus - she is hot and a bit scary.  Kind of like finding a jalapeño pepper in your sandwich.  Besides, it’s not a party until the police are called.  Mystery ingredient quotient:  check.  Eye-rolling factor:  double check.

Liam Neeson - (see: “police are called”, above) - handsome in that Rock of Gibraltar way, men respect him, women love him and everyone loves a great accent.  Unusual set of skills/manners quotient:  check.

Cary Grant - because George Clooney is likely on a previously booked date night with his new wife, and Cary did the whole “George Clooney” thing first.  Cleft chin, dashing-ness and courtly quotient:  check.

Audrey Hepburn - an icon but approachable (FUN FACT:  I actually met her in New York during a high school art trip).  Beautiful, gentle, stylish, quiet yet commanding and everyone wants to stare at her and ask her who she is wearing and to hear stories about her filming in Rome.
Hollywood royalty quotient:  check.

Alfred Hitchcock - I really want to see him arm wrestle Winston for that last haunch of boar.  Stories, dry wit, and he could teach the young ones a thing or two about the movies.  Most likely to have two or three separate conversations regarding possible casting projects at a time:  check.  Most likely to hit on all the blondes in the room:  double check.

Justin Long - I love this guy.  Geeky, earnest, funny and awkward but quick witted.  I haven’t seen him in a worthy movie for a while so I feel this could really help his career.  Young and charming hipster/nerd quotient:  check.

Taylor Swift - I hardly know her and I want to see what all the damned fuss is about so I can quietly judge her for myself.  Besides, she is a great clothes hanger and would lighten up the room and make everyone sit up straight.  Bright young thing quotient:  check.

Well, my table is only so big and my larder even smaller.  Stay tuned for another lineup of glittering personalities as I continue the revolving door of the dinner party guest list.  RSVP hardly necessary.

Bottoms up!  Here's lookin' at you, kid!   Illustration by Heather Phillips

Bottoms up!  Here's lookin' at you, kid!

Illustration by Heather Phillips